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Gammy & Gumpy, with Bob the Bear

At Gammy and Gumpy’s we feel children are meant to play and use their imagination. For that reason, we do not carry anything that requires batteries or any type of electronic toys. We believe technology has a time and a place but play that involves problem solving, interaction and creative thinking are skills that last a lifetime. We also try and select companies and brands that are eco-friendly, sustainable, and/or that are made in or based in the USA. We also support small business and have a few handmade, one of a kind items made by local craftspeople. We support families of all types and have consciously chosen toys that are ethnically diverse and that support gender equality.


Some things that make us special

Toys, Books, Games Puzzles

What’s a toy store without TOYS?!?! We feature hundreds of them, from brands such as Green Toys, Big Jigs, Fat Brain Toys, Plan Toys, Adora Dolls, Neat-oh!, Playmonster and many more! We pick the best toys to engage children’s imaginations and creativity, because we believe that children should play with toys, and not the other way around.

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